We don’t just
make chemicals.
We make tomorrow.

Jain Chem is in the business of manufacturing customized and unique chemical solutions that move our customers and our world forward. With powerful R&D and leading edge technologies, we’re better able to deliver what our customers and related downstream businesses truly need…and then some. 

About Us

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If any company can
create it, it’s us.

We exist to create solutions to your needs. We understand that today’s world is not a one-size-fits-all world, and that you might need highly specialized, unique solution. That’s why we’re in business. That’s what excites us. That’s what’s helped Jain Chem thrive all these years. We listen. We understand. And then we create. And what we create should help you do your job better and more profitably.

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Jain Chem has over 100 million lbs of annual capacity. So we can manufacture to whatever your requirements are, whether you need a few drums or a constant stream of bulk tank wagons. Our 27 reactors and highly proficient and efficient manufacturing staff enable us to get you what you need, when you need it.

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We all share this planet and can’t take it for granted. Sustainability matters to us. So we’re always conscious of doing what’s right for the planet while doing what’s right for our customers. Jain Chem is committed to sustainability in all of our operations and functions.

What Drives Us