We take our business and our reputation seriously, because we know you do, too. So the following is a list of our commitments that represent values that we don’t just recite, but act upon.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Best Value
  • Highest Quality Standards
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Rapid Response


The Highest Quality Products.
The Highest Quality Service.

From your first contact with our experienced technical sales professionals, through the use of the products we supply, you will experience the highest level of quality and service.


Meeting Our Customer’s Needs to Develop and Supply Environmentally Friendly Products

We have one planet Earth and we intend to do our part to be responsible stewards of it. We believe in the promise of a regenerative future in which materials are created to be used responsibly so that our planet can continue to thrive and sustain life. That is why we have chosen to focus on green chemistries that eliminate landfill and ocean waste due to plastics. Our goal is to contribute to a healthy, sustainable, robust and circular economy.


Integrity is a fundamental shared value in our company, and is reflected both in the work that we do and in our relationships with others.  We treat our relationships with the utmost confidentiality and respect, and strive for the highest integrity in products as well as customer service.


For every problem there is a solution. We are strong believers in striving for solutions instead of wallowing in problems. Innovation is our lifeblood as exemplified by our expertise in non-toxic, green technologies that eliminate waste and enhance sustainable food packaging and environmental compliance for many other industries. Our R&D focus helps us better meet our customers’ changing needs while delivering performance and added value to their products. We not only innovate to protect our planet, we do so to help our customers prosper.


At Jain Chem, worker safety is paramount.  We diligently track injuries, near-miss incidents and other related data to insure that we are consistently improving our metrics year-over-year.  In 2019, we did not record a single long-term injury.

Our plant management personnel trains staff on safety awareness and issues on a regular basis.