Our leaders, through ingenuity, entrepreneurship, technological prowess and sheer determination represent the American dream at its utmost. They demand much of themselves and of the entire team, so that every customer feels as important and as valued as they truly are.

Surendra Jain, Chairman and Founder

Surendra Jain was born in Amritsar, north India in a textile family.  After earning a chemistry degree with Honors from University of Bombay he enrolled at Philadelphia College of Textiles in 1961. On graduation he joined Charles S. Tanner Company based in Providence, RI and Greenville, SC in 1964. Charles S. Tanner, a family owned enterprise in the business of manufacturing textile auxiliaries and emulsion polymers, was acquired by Ciba Geigy in 1974. In 1977 Surendra formed Jain Chem as a sales and marketing organization.  In 1978, along with a partner, he entered into the manufacture of adhesives and coatings under the name of The Reynolds Company, marketing products to the textile, packaging, disposable nonwovens, and fiberglass industries. In 1999 Surendra sold his interest in the Reynolds Company, while retaining Jain Chem as a research and sales organization. In 2002 along with two other partners Surendra entered into the manufacture of specialty chemicals in a facility previously owned by B.F.Goodrich Company. In 2011  Jain Chem acquired Ulterion International based in Georgia.

Manoj Jain, Chief Executive Officer

Manoj Jain began his work in the family firm at a young age, like many others, learning the business from the ground up.  In his case, he started as a part-time lab technician beginning in the summer of eighth grade and continued through college and into adulthood.  After graduating from the University of South Carolina, Manoj came to work at Jain Chem full time, learning all aspects of the business.  In 1995 he left the company to pursue a career in financial services, but was lured back in 2005.  In 2013, Manoj became the company’s President and CEO.

Clint Varnadore, Vice President, Technology

Clint joined Ulterion® in 2004 as the Technical Manager responsible for polymer research and development and assumed his current role when Ulterion was acquired by Jain Chem in 2011. Clint has 22 plus years in polymer development, project management, and sales support in paper, textile/garment, plastic additives, and other industrial applications. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a BS in Chemistry and post graduate studies in business administration at Georgia State University.