CPJ Technologies

The Manufacturing Division of Jain Chem, Ltd.

This is where the magic happens, this is the manufacturing division of Jain Chem, LTD. From production to quality control, from procurement and inventory management to shipping and receiving, this is our heartbeat. And every step of the way at CPJ Technologies, we keep an expert and meticulous eye on what we do, so that you can feel completely confident in what we manufacture for you.

Diversified Capabilities

We offer over 82 million lbs of annual production capacity, which is continuously evaluated and enhanced with increasing demand.

Plant Features

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • 70,000 sq ft Under roof
  • Land area over 12 acres
  • 25 Reactors
  • 10 gal to 7,700 gal steel & glass lined
  • High temp reactions (500ºF or 260ºC)
    • Hot oil and steam
  • Pressure reactions (100 psi)
  • Dry blending
  • Reactors fitted with risers/condensers
  • Raw material feed tanks
  • Enhanced Capabilities
    • Chiller
    • Vacuum to all pressurized reactors
  • Bulk Storage – 100,000 gals
  • Provide product in drums, totes, bulk
  • Pilot plant